How to use Essential Oils

Oils can be used three ways. Keep reading to find out how!


First up, Aromatically! This just means with your nose. You can use a diffuser, aromatherapy jewelry, or just open the bottle and take a sniff! Aromatic use is great for helping you sleep and managing your mood! It’s also perfect for purifying the air and for getting oils to a greater number of people! (like your family or your coworkers!) We love to diffuse Wild Orange and Peppermint in the morning to get everyone up and going! We diffuse Serenity at night to help us sleep restfully and I diffuse grapefruit and balance in my office to help keep me focused, energized and emotionally stable. 

 I wear Balance and Bergamot on my bracelet and, while most of the time it’s just for me, I have been known to stand REALLY close to grouchy people… sometimes it helps.

Intro to Oils

Welcome! We're glad you've joined us for this intro to essential oils. Our intentions here are to educate you about Essential Oils, Empower you to take control of your own health and wellness, and show you how to get these tools into your home!


Essential oils are naturally occurring aromatic compounds. Basically – good smelling stuff that comes from the plant. Depending on the oil, it can come from the root, stem, leaves, petals, resin or seed! When distilled for purity, oils are extremely potent and efficient! In most cases, just a few drops is all you need! Many people talk about The Essential Oil “fad” or “trend” but actually oils have been used for centuries for beauty, health care and food preparation (long before modern pharmaceuticals)!


Topical is the next way to use oils. You can use oils topically when you have an issue in a particular area. For example, if you have tummy trouble, rub DigestZen right on your tummy! Head tension? Peppermint and Frankincense right on your head! Sore knee? Deep Blue topically will do the trick. We like to dilute our oils when we use them topically. This helps the skin absorb the oils and also makes them last longer! Fractionated Coconut Oil is our favorite way to dilute.


Lastly, Internal use! This is the time in our classes when people often gasp and tell me how they’ve heard on Facebook (where everything is ALWAYS True, right?) that if we ingest essential oils, then we will ALL DIE! Well I’m here to tell you thats just not true! doTERRA oils are 100% pure and safe! If you aren’t worried about ingesting a lemon, you shouldn’t worry about lemon oil. Get it? 

We use oils internally when we want a systemic response – On Guard internally will help boost your immune system! Lemon, lavender and peppermint internally will help you face those yucky seasonal threats that make your eyes water and your nose run! Slim and Sassy is another oil that can be taken internally – it helps to boost your metabolism and curb your cravings! When you want to take oils internally, you can put a drop under your tongue, or on the roof of your mouth. Or, you can put the drops of oil into a veggie cap, a vegetable-based capsule that dissolves when you swallow it! Some people put drops in their water, and some oils come already in a soft gel – convenient, right?


Did you know that oils can be used for so many different things?

You can make your house smell amazing without chemicals, using toxin-free cleaning products.

Pamper yourself with safe, effective, delicious smelling spa products. 
Shampoo and Condition your hair, and get gorgeous healthy skin with chemical-free hair and face products.


Support your mental and physical wellness?
Bet you didn't know oils and other doTERRA products could do all that!


There are three ways to buy essential oils and the first one is really dumb.
Option one: If you don’t like to save money and want to pay 25% more than everyone else, retail shopping is for you!

The second is with a wholesale customer account. This is like a Costco card for oils- no selling, no minimums, just a one time $35 fee and then 25% off your oils for the next year.
(Link to enrollment form)

The third way is the way most people do it because it's the most intelligent and cost-effective way- a package. With a package, dōTERRA takes a bunch of oils, discounts them way more than just 25%, gives you a bunch of free stuff and waives the $35 fee!

With any purchase, you’ll receive 25% anything you want from doTERRA for the next year, an a-z Oil usage guide, a glassware starter set, and personalized oil education from us, in addition to access to all of our resources!


Every package comes with your wholesale customer membership fee waived, a book about how to use your oils, glassware, and a one on one meeting with us to learn how to use your oils! You'll also receive 25% off all your purchases for the next year! Be sure to ask the person who invited you about the specials going on this month!

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They are a safe, natural alternative! We love our doctors and certainly will always use them (and western medicine) when we need them, but it’s great to have a first line of defense that we can do ourselves! Here’s a quick story to outline the idea: Ever have a kid wake up in the middle of the night calling for you? Well we have! And in the past, we’d head in there, find her holding her little ear, calm her down and then offer her some toxic chemicals that would damage her liver while helping her to temporarily feel better. Fast forward to the next morning when we’d call her out of school, call me out of work and head over to the doctor’s office, where we’d spend $30 so he could tell me what I already know! Then, across the street to the pharmacy for more chemicals, followed by three or four days of awesome side effects! 

Now…..same kid, same time, same ear… 2 drops of Melaleuca oil on a cotton ball rubbed around her ear and down her neck…. Instant pain relief, back to sleep, wakes up good as new!! Melaleuca oil is 8 cents a drop – so I just fixed the same problem with no chemicals, 5 minutes and less than a quarter. DOESN’T THAT JUST SEEM LIKE IT MAKES MORE SENSE?​


So Why doTERRA oils? For us, the decision to use doTERRA Instead of another brand came down to trust and safety. Some background info: Basically the FDA won’t touch Essential Oils – they know they work, but won’t regulate them. That means that anyone can package ANYTHING and say it’s 100% pure. Scary, right? doTERRA decided that wasn’t going to work, so they created Certified Pure Therapeutic Grade (CPTG). This is a standard to which all doTERRA oils are held. It means that you can be certain that the plants were grown in the location where they grow indigenously. They were sourced ethically and safely, distilled and bottled close to the source and without chemicals, and were then tested in 4 third-party testing facilities to be certain that you get only exactly what it says on the bottle – in it’s most absolute pure state! THEN, they publish the testing results! So if your bottle says Lemon, all that is in there is 100% lemon essential oil.

With doTERRA oils, you never have to worry! ​

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